Lionel Polar Express "O" Gauge Train Set

by wootbot

Training Day

Just imagine the things you can dream with your Lionel Polar Express "O" Gauge Train Set chugging happily around the Christmas tree!

It wasn't that Michelle wanted Todd to leave. It was that Michelle wanted Tim to want Todd to leave. She loved her husband and she loved her brother but something about the two of them in the same room drove her insane. Jake, of course, felt exactly the opposite.

"The Polar Express is out of control!" shouted Tim, starting the Lionel Polar Express "O" Gauge Train Set down the tracks.

Todd pointed at Jake. "If we don't stop it, kid, Christmas will become Disastermas!"

Jake made a face. "I think you need a better writer, Uncle Todd."

"Jake's right, Todd," said Tim. "You're demoted from team leader."

"Aw, MAN!" Todd moved from the couch to the floor, switching places with Jake. Once settled, Jake pointed at Todd.

"If we don't stop that Lionel Polar Express "O" Gauge Train Set quick, this Christmas is going to go off the rails!"

Todd snorted in grudging respect. Tim placed the Lionel Polar Express "O" Gauge Train Set gently on the track and threw the switch.

"Jake," asked Todd. "What do I do?"

"Don't panic, kid," said Jake. "First you want to read the track. What's the track say?"

"There's some straight track, and some curved track, and- right! Right! The train's going to go right! Or maybe left! I'm not entirely sure now!"

Tim laughed. "I told you that was some serious egg nog."

"Choose one!" Jake shouted. "You're the field agent here! I'm up in the satellite, I can't make the call!"

Todd paused. "The couch is a satellite?"

Jake poked his uncle. "MAKE THE CALL! CHRISTMAS IS AT RISK!"

Todd turned, closed his eyes, focused on the realistic sounds and smoke.

"I choose- I choose- I choose- NOW!"

Todd opened his eyes and looked at the Lionel Polar Express "O" Gauge Train Set in his hand. Tim sounded the whistle.

"You did it, kid!" shouted Jake. "You saved Christmas!"

With a grin, Todd fell proudly back onto the satellite and picked up his mug full of egg nog. Surely, the hero of Christmas deserved no less.