Lionel O-Gauge Thomas & Friends Remote Train Set

by wootbot

Xmas Xing

Your child needs a train. This train needs a child. It's practically an O. Henry story, isn't it?

If your child saw some plain ol' normal train under the tree, they'd turn up their nose. But if they see a train with a NAME? A train with a FACE? Suddenly it's a whole new kettle of fish, and that kettle of fish is leaving on Track 9 at 1:20pm!

In fact, have you ever wondered why the rail system in America is so much more neglected than the rail system in the rest of the world? Simple! The rest of the world has coaches like Annie and Clarabel, and engines like Thomas! Trains that shout out "All aboard!" before zipping down the Fastrack Track to and from their destination. Trains that even have a remote control!

Wait... those trains in the rest of the world DON'T have a remote control? Hey... looks like your kids lucked out! U! S! A! U! S! A!