L'il Rider Wiggle Car

by wootbot

First Responders

To be used in case of fun, not in case of emergency.

OK, so I know that Portland takes great pride in its "greenness" but this is getting out of control.

Portland may have a lot of hippies and vegans, but it also still has its fair share of hoodlums and derelicts. And today, it took that police officer, like, three hours to show up after I reported the B&E.

I'm just saying, while I appreciate the effort to cut down on motor emissions and greenhouse gasses, I also appreciate a prompt response by the law when someone is stealing my crap. And for the record, while a vehicle with no pedals or gears may be easy to operate and also contributes nicely to the environmental friendliness movement, it certainly is not the most convenient or efficient mode of transportation for public servants.

I mean, the thing may be rugged and durable, but it doesn't even run on batteries. We're talking straight-up Flintstone style, y'all.

All I keep thinking is, thank goodness I wasn't on fire or in need of medical attention or both, because I heard the Fire Department and EMTs are riding these now, too.