Lil Rider Quad Ride-Ons - Your Choice!

by wootbot

Four On Something That Isn't A Floor

The best part of off-road racing? The cool engine noise! After that, it's all just gravy.

Off-road is about going fast, getting dirty, and hearing a cool noise in your ears. But for a toddler? Yeah, the same rules still apply, they just scale down.

FACT: A wee bairn's top speed is much smaller than a full grown carl, aye? So when they feel like they're going over a cliff at a billion miles an hour, they might just be four-wheeling past a pebble at up to 2 MPH! And yet, the joy remains the same. Get what we're saying here?

FACT: The Pro Circuit Hero both features sweet sound effects that growl and purr like a well tuned engine. And in both cases, if you hit the gas, the headlights turn on. Imagine how the dirt will fly as your kid takes a hard left past the garden! Is it exactly the same as a lap around the track? No, of course not. But is your kid a twenty-something professional with a sponsorship contract? Get what were saying here?

FACT: When your kid sees the gleaming chrome and stylishly-tough colors, they'll want to take this thing out back and ride. And their friends will see them riding, and run to their parents and say "Mom! Dad! I want one of my own!" And if, at that point, you have an extra in the garage? You can pretty much name your price. Get what we're saying here?

Seriously, buy at least two. Jealousy is like the root of all capitalism. Make it work for you.