Light Up Flip-Flops

by wootbot

It Won't Always Be This Chilly

Last day of school = last day of shoes. Consider these flip-flops a compromise. They're BETTER than nothing, because nothing doesn't light up!

If you've got a kid, there's a good chance you've got a kid that goes barefoot. Possibly they wear socks if you won't let them turn the heat up to a reasonable level. But more likely, they consider shoes to be a necessary evil forced on them by a society gone mad. Given half the chance, they'd be wearing flip-flops everywhere.

And, c'mon, is it REALLY such a bad thing? As long as they're not cold or working on a toxic waste spill, who really cares? Sometimes shoes are important but sometimes they're really not. And for those "really not" times, we offer THE GREATEST SHOE INVENTION THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!

Think about it. Right here you're looking at the comfort of bare feet, the joy of walking safely over hot asphalt, the aural thrill of snapping plastic, and the decadence of some flashing lights in the clear straps. Walking? Running? Skipping? It's a poem made of light that your child will create through motion.

Yeah, we agree! That's an EXCELLENT sentence. And if you buy these flip-flops, you can HAVE it. Imagine how impressed your neighbors will be when you throw that one out there during a warm June night? "A poem made of light, Jim, my child creates it through motion. And you don't mind if I keep your lawnmower another week, do you?"

And Jim won't mind. Just like he won't mind when your kids run around his house in flip-flops. Jim's a parent himself, he understands. And so do you. That's why you're buying these flip-flops. Right now.