Light Suits - 3 Sizes

by wootbot

The Joker

Smirk all you want. It's STILL cooler than that weird green "Spider-Dude" mask from the late 1970s. Yeah, THAT one.

To some people, life is about giving 110% to create art. To others, life is about doing the bare minimum you need in order to get some candy. And, be honest, for most of the year, it doesn't matter which side of the fence you're leaning on. But at Halloween time, you really have to decide. Do you want to spend a month making a costume that's gonna get covered in spilled punch and apple-bobbing water? Or do you want a month full of free time that ends with a huge bag of candy?

That's not to say making your own Light Suit costume isn't fun. Like, you'll never win a contest by pulling on the included black jumpsuit and sticking the glowsticks in place to make an interesting design, but are you TRYING to win a contest? No, of course you're not! You want to go get some candy, eat half of it on your way back home, and take the rest of it to school tomorrow. Stop kidding yourself here. Be HONEST about your goals!

These Light Suits are fun enough, safe enough, and avoid the shame of being "sexy meter-maid" or "sexy Pope John Paul I" or "normal Miley Cyrus" or any of the other costume themes this year. It's all you need to get candy with your head held high.

So what's wrong with that? We say: nothing.