Levana Safe N' See Advanced 3.5-inch Video Monitor

by wootbot

Watch Who's Talking

Hey, everybody! Everybody! Come in here! Donald's got that new talking baby movie playing! Ha ha! What a card!

Really! Look at how clear it seems on that 3.5" screen! Oh, oh, shh, everybody shh! This is the part where the baby and the dog do a rap together! Here it comes! Here it comes! Here it comes!

Okay, well, maybe I remembered wrong. But I'm sure this is the part where the baby gets a cell phone and calls for a pizza. And then, when it arrives, the dad's like "What? A pizza? Who ordered this?" And the baby laughs and does this cute shrug and- huh. I guess I was wrong about that too.

Oh, I know what it is, maybe this is the second one! Yeah, my bad, I see it now! This is the part where the baby steals a car and they play "Bad To The Bone" as he drives past a cop, and the cop does a double-take and says to his partner "We didn't see nothing" and- what? The baby's going back to sleep?

Say, Donald, what IS this movie? It's terrible?

Oh, it's a live stream of your kid from a system with an intercom and five levels of sound, is it? Well, I sure hope that baby's got a SAG card, mister, or you're in a heap of trouble with the guild.