Levana ERA Elite Digital Video Monitor

by wootbot

Better Than Most TV

Right now, as you read this, your child is doing something for the very first time. AND YOU'VE MISSED IT. That's why you need a Levana Era Elite.

First Step. First Clap. First Time Looking Out Of The North Window. First Time Looking Out Of The East Window. First Time Trying To Grab The DVD Player And Sending It Smashing To The Floor. First Time Blaming The Dog. All these golden personality-forming moments and you're missing them reading this writeup. What the FREAK, you? Don't you even CARE about your kid?

Look, you could spend four hours marathoning Game Of Thrones, and you know it. So why can't you spend four hours watching your baby? It's not hard to do with all the ClearVu technology stuffed away in this thing. From up to 500 feet away, you can get a private, secure and interference-free signal that means you can keep track of your child as they learn how wonderful it is to be in a world where Mom and Dad aren't looking.

And then you can use the built-in intercom to let them know something every child needs to learn as early as they can: MOM AND DAD ARE ALWAYS LOOKING. Hey, First Time Getting Caught is just as important as anything else.