LEGO Watches- Your Choice

by wootbot

Poetry Slam

Mankind's three greatest creations? That's easy! One is poetry, and the other is the watch, and the third is the LEGO. Penicillin comes in fourth. After all, nobody's ever developed an immunity to LEGO.

And now, in tribute to this LEGO Atlantis watch and LEGO Bionicle watch (your choice) may we present a reading of grand poetry! From the master himself, Samuel Taylor LEGOlridge. Please enjoy: The Rhyme Of The Ancient LEGO Guy.

It is an ancient LEGO guy
And a watch accompanies he
'By thy colors bright, what is the time?
And did you my flippers see?

With analog proceeds the time
A dial my well-packed twin;
Companions we, and you'll soon see:
To water, we're a friend.'

He fits inside a childish hand,
Water resistant, he.
'165 feet that watch withstands!
And I'm plastic, so also me!"

A child looks at the glittering dial
To tell the time, so grand
Good for any 6+ child
This flippered LEGO man.