LEGO Watches- Your Choice

by wootbot

This watch and toy combo will really go over well with your kid. Especially if they like Atlantis. Even if they can't fully spell it by themselves.

"My teacher said you had to read this and sign it." Jake sighed, handing Michelle his paper. "I don't know why. I worked really hard on it and did research and everything. I think she just hates me."


Atlanta is a continent located at the bottom of the ocean, which I researched because of my LEGO Watch and Toy. I also had other options, like some Star Wars characters, and they were cool, but I chose the Atlanta watch because I liked the diver toy best. He has a little helmet and flippers which helps him every time he visits Atlanta.

As everyone knows, Atlanta's team is the Falcons. I am not sure why an underwater city chose a bird for their mascot. I would have chosen an electric eel or one of those poison fish. I learned about this through personal research, thanks to my LEGO Watch, which helped me figure out what time the Falcons game was on. My dad helped, and also drank beer.

Atlanta is full of mysterious colors, much like my LEGO Watch, which looks like water even though it isn't. I can attach my diver guy and pretend he has discovered a giant clock at the bottom of the sea. I have more fun doing this than when I watched that last Indiana Jones movie with my uncle Alex. So did he, I think.

Maybe one day, I will have a diving suit like my LEGO man and can visit Atlanta in person. My dad said there is an interstate that goes there. I bet if I had one of the Star Wars LEGO Watches they would be impressed by those. People in Atlanta have probably never seen Star Wars. Perhaps I will be the first ambassador! Hooray for Atlanta! Gem of the seas!