LEGO Ninjago Brickmaster

by wootbot

Golden Years

Ninjago? What in Sam Hill is Ninjago? MARGARET? YOU HEARD'A THIS NEW LEGO TOY? Huh. Maybe it's time to face it. Grampa's gettin' old.

Used to be a time that I was a young'n. Used to be a time, I'd hear "Ninjago Brickmaster LEGO set" and know right away what a Ninjago was and what a Ninjago wasn't. I'd be able to rank it relative to other products and quickly determine just how cool a Ninjago would make me when I showed it to my friends, or if I should keep it hidden from that kid who always smashed everything for fun. Do you still have that kid in your life? Yeah, of course you do.

Even still, there's one thing ol' Grampa still knows. And that's how LEGO is always going to be fun. Always. Like, even if "Ninjago" turns out to be an accountant talking about his latest training in 801.3(c)(1) legal issues, this Brickmaster playset will STILL have more than 140 LEGO bricks which can be used to make ANYTHING a child can imagine.

But even still, I'm sure curious. MARGARET? MARGARET, DID YOU EVER FIGURE OUT WHAT THIS NINJAGO MESS IS ALL ABOUT? WHAT? NINJAS? Huh, guess that makes sense, in a way. Probably the included book of instructions and stories would have cleared all that up anyway.