LEGO Buzz Lightyear Alarm Clock

by wootbot

We Have Liftoff

Protecting the LEGO people, and waking you up on time.

The day started quietly for LEGO town. All of its citizens were enjoying another afternoon, going to work, going to school, walking around the village, when, from the sky landed a giant spaceman, and it wasn't just any giant spaceman -- it was BUZZ LIGHTYEAR.

With his giant body and detachable wings, Buzz sailed onto the streets, towering over everyone in sight. The LEGO town citizens stared at him, nearly six times their height.

Police cars surrounded him. Neee-ahhh, neee-ahh, went their sirens. Planes flew overhead. Vrrrrrrrmmmmm, vrrrrrrmmmmmmm. The police yelled to him, asking what he was doing.

He told them not to worry, that he was here to help them. From what? they asked. Buzz stared over the horizon.

They heard a thump, and then another loud thump, and the citizens saw a GIANT MONSTER rise from the swamp! Buzz Lightyear adjusted his legs and ran toward the monster, preparing for a fight for the ages. The townspeople stared up in awe--

"Tommy, it's time for bed."

But Mommmmmmmmm!