LeapPad2 Monsters University Varsity Edition Bundle

by wootbot

Taking A Leap

Easy to learn. Easy to use. Who knows what it'll inspire?

Alright, team. These Monsters University LeapPad2 Kids Tablets are selling like hot cakes. We had no idea they would be such a big success, but what can we say? Kids LOVE Mike and Sulley.

Naturally, we got to thinking, "How can we maximize these Monsters University Leap Pad tablet profits?" It's simple! If they can be such a success with kids, who's to say adults won't love a movie-inspired tablet too?

I present to you our next great idea: the Philomena tablet.

It's great for the adult who still hasn't used a tablet and might not be comfortable making the jump in technology. Easy to use and easy to learn -- it even includes step- by-step audio instructions read by a voice that sounds remarkably similar to Judi Dench.

Adults get the tablet they desire, but instead of dull and drab colors like black or white, they get this giant picture of Steve Coogan's face on the back. And there's more! After they're finished experiencing the initial joy of seeing Steve Coogan, they flip it over and on the screen is, get this, a touch screen FLANKED by Steve Coogan and Judi Dench. That's right: on one side it's Judi Dench, and the other side is Steve Coogan! And then a little Philomena logo above their faces.

We've learned that kids love the included Monsters University "scary-sily" sticker sheets, so we're going to be including a sticker set as well, complete with Judi Dench and Steve Coogan looking at each other, and a couple stickers that even imply they're talking to each other! It's all of the Philomena fun that adults know and love.

Everyone ready? We're going all-in on this one, so get out there and start selling. It's time to start a Philomena philomenon!