K'Nex Mario & Bowser Ice Race Set

by wootbot

Seriously, Buy At Least Three

Our advice? Buy as many of these sets as you can! Remember, in the world of real world video game racing, you can never have too much track.

You've played Mario Kart a million times and you know, at the end, there's only one thing you're wishing for: more track. If you're losing, you know you could totally pull it off... with just a little more track. If you're winning, you know you could lap somebody... if only you had a little more track. If the race is close, you know it would have been even more exciting... if only you had a little more track.

Now, your child will have a lot of fun watching two real cars with battery-powered motors zip around these 14 pieces of interconnectable track, dodging the Penguin Shooter and the swinging Shy Guy and pretending they've picked up the collectable star, but you know what would be even MORE fun? If they were sending FOUR real cars down TWENTY-EIGHT pieces of track and dodging TWO Penguin Shooters! And how can you make that happen? It's easy! Just by following the one constant of Mario Kart that everyone knows to be true.

More track. You always need more track. You could do whatever you need to do, come back from any mistake, pull off the most impossible victories, and defeat the other racers in the most spectacular manner...

...if only you have more track.