Kids.Woot Audio Quiz #1: Doin' It For The Kids

by Jason Toon

Fear not, Wigglephobes. This audio quiz has nothing to do with the genre known as "childrens' music." Instead, we're looking at songs about kids. Or, at least, songs that mention kids.

This 28-second MP3 contains clips of 15 different songs, each including the lyric "kids". (That word may or may not be in the song title.) Some big hits, a couple of obscurities, from all over the genre map, with some clips giving you a few seconds to get your bearings and others blipping past in a fraction of a second. Listen sharp.

The first person to name all 15 artists and titles will win, yes, one of those Woot screaming monkeys we're trying so hard to get rid of. Plus, of course, the invaluable esteem of your e-peers. Many of these songs have been recorded by multiple artists, so be careful: we're looking for the artist who's performing this particular version of the song. Post your answers below and may be the biggest music nerd win.

Kids.Woot audio quiz 10-7-2010 (MP3)