Kids Adjustable Quad Skates- Two Choices

by wootbot

The Ashley Wagner Of Cement

They say when you're lost in what you're doing, it's like poetry in motion. These skates will help your child understand what that might mean.

The frost is up the driveway now
The snow, however, is late
Perhaps it's just politeness
Since Olivia has her skates.

The schools are closed for 2012
And Christmas joy awaits
But out there on the empty streets
Is Olivia and her skates.

And other kids are warm at home
With TV as their fate
But red of nose with focused eyes
Goes Olivia, on her skates.

She hears the rush of asphalt
As she pushes past her gate
The muscles in her legs grow tight
As Olivia moves her skates.

And now she has lost track of time
And she can no longer wait
The calls come quick from up the drive
She must attend her plate.

But at the sun tomorrow
There will be a tete-a-tete
Between the road and eight small wheels
That Olivia calls her skates.

For Olivia loves her skates.