KidKraft Trundle Train Table

by wootbot

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The fate of the train enthusiast world rests in your hands. 

Jake remembered it like it was yesterday. Christmas 2009. He only asked for one thing that year. One thing that would make a little boy's life complete: a train set.

He had petitioned hard for it all year long, dropping subtle hints whenever he got the chance. But after the incident in church where he accidentally blurted out "TRAIN!" instead of "AMEN", he was pretty sure everyone got the point.

Even so, for weeks before Christmas, he took special care to do extra chores around the house without even being asked, just to make sure he'd land on Santa's good side come the big day.

And then it finally arrived. He woke up that morning, threw back the covers and sprinted downstairs to see what awaited him under the tree. That big gift in the silver and blue snowflake wrapping. He'd never forget it.

He tore and clawed at it with the voracity of a hungry wolf. And there it was at long last. The KidKraft Trundle Train Table. His eyes widened at the majesty of it all. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He was so excited, he read the features from the box aloud:

"The ultimate wood train table … An illustrated table surface … Large rolling trundle for easy storage … train set sold separately."

Oh it was glorious! It was magical! It was … wait, WHAT?


The panic in his voice was palpable. His mom leaned over to take a closer look.

"Huh! Well that's a bummer. Sorry, about that, Kiddo. Guess mommy missed that one."

YA THINK???!!!

He looked frantically to his father for support, but he just shrugged his shoulders.

Jake smiled as he thought back to that morning and how silly he had been. Of course his mom and dad hadn't REALLY made that big of a mistake. After all, a shock like that could kill a kid. No, they had purchased the train set separately as directed and hidden it in the closet just to tease him.

And he and his KidKraft Trundle Train Table and TRAIN SET SOLD SEPARATELY had been living happily ever after since.