KidKraft Thomas & Friends Table & Chairs

by wootbot

Chew Chew

Ask any 1920s hobo: dinner always tastes better when you're sitting on a train.

Ah, the iconic Depression image. A happy hobo with a torn sock eating a can of beans on the edge of a train. Maybe he's playing the harmonica, maybe he's singing a song about the hobo life. Or maybe, just maybe, he's your child.

That's right. Your child could be preparing themselves for the lucrative career of stereotypical hobo. No boss! Flexible hours! Plenty of time outside! A chance to learn hobo signs! And it all begins with a table and chair set featuring the Thomas The Tank Engine characters.

As your child learns to eat, drink, read and swear at this table, they'll become streetwise in the cutest possible way. Simple, study composite wood construction will keep them comfy and happy, and dreaming of the day they can hop a freight train out of this God-forsaken town with nothing but the clothes on their back and a bundle of rags on the end of a stick. Just like great-grandpa used to do!

It's not just a table and chairs. It's a link to American history.