KidKraft Rounded-Top Storage Chest-3 Colors

by wootbot

Breathing Room

Unlike the crack between those bathroom stall doors, the one in this thing is a necessary evil.

Hey there, lookie loo. Avert your eyes, will ya? This ain't no peep show. It's a toy chest with open-air handles and a specially-designed rounded lid for additional storage space. How else you think they were able to cram us all in here? A toy's gotta breathe, ya know?

Oh, you didn't know that? Oh, yeah. What Susie's been trying to tell you all this time is true. When you and your little ones shut your eyes at night, that's when we come to life. Sometimes we just peek at you through the crack. Sometimes we open the lid with the lid-supports that keep our chubby little plush fingers from getting pinched, and then we crawl out and stand at the end of your bed and just stare at you while you're sleeping.

A dream? Goodness no, that wasn't a dream! That was REAL! But now that you know, don't go blaming us for peeing on your pillow. That was totally the cat.