KidKraft Puzzle Bookshelf in Primary Colors

by wootbot

The Furniture Game

If you solve the puzzle, you get a bookcase!

Tired of doing jigsaw puzzles and having nothing to show for it? Well, here's a jigsaw puzzle that once you finish putting it together, you get a reward: a bookshelf!

Sure beats only getting a flat picture of a bouquet of flowers... or an obscure landscape... or the recreation of a famous painting that will sit on your coffee table for about a week before somebody inevitably spills on it or accidentally destroys it via another method!

And hey, we're not saying you need to put away your old fashioned jigsaw puzzles. In fact, this'll give you a place to put them. Just set those puzzles on one of these puzzle shelves. Look at that! It's a double scoop of puzzles!