KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse

by wootbot

Everybody Needs A Home

The great outdoors? Listen, even paleolithic humans sought out shelter.

Bears lumber into a cave. Bats like to hide in a barn. Fish in an aquarium prefer those awesome little castles. Humans? Humans like houses. And unless your child is a half-bat/half-bear raised by goldfish, they're gonna want a house of their own.

Naturally, there was a time when you could have just bought your kids a condo with a sub-prime loan financed by junk bonds and expired debt, but today those days are gone. Today, your child needs the one form of housing that the banks won't ever touch: the outdoor playhouse.

Big enough for multiple kids and made from weather-resistant wood, this playhouse is perfect for all those outdoor adventures that end in "Hey, why are we out in the sunshine on a day like today?" Which is exactly what that first paleo-person said when they decided to live in a lean-to! See? The more thing change, the more they stay the same.