KidKraft Doll and Furniture Play Set

by wootbot

Happy Thanksgiving

When you're away, what do your dolls do? If they've got a nice house, maybe they have a little party!

Olivia was gone. Ella was gone. Jake was gone. It was just an empty bedroom, where the KidKraft Furniture Play Set stood alone. Well, almost alone. You see, it came with a doll.

The doll's name was Janet. She hadn't been born with that name. She'd been given it by Olivia, and Janet didn't remember anything before that day. Why would she? As far as she was concerned, the day she was unboxed was the day she was born.

Even still, despite her love for Olivia, it was nice to have some time with her non-work friends too. Friends like Devouror The Dark, from Jake's closet, or Lady Sun Shangxiang, Ella's make-believe friend. Today, Janet had invited them both to her lovely house for a rare treat: an imaginary Thanksgiving dinner with all the made up trimmings.

Janet had been up very late the night before pulling dreams from Ella and Olivia. Granny Sharon's mashed potatoes, those warm yeasty rolls, a perfectly roasted turkey and some stuffing. She knew Devouror loved stuffing the most, and she so wanted to impress him.

Janet absentmindedly rocked her wooden doll cradle as she set the imaginary table with imaginary plates. Lady Sun had promised to bring a few imaginary apple pies for dessert, they'd probably fit nicely on the high chair. Normally, that's where Janet would sit and eat (after someone lifted the tray, of course!) but today? Today was a day for friendship and joy! Janet wasn't the selfish type, not with her imaginary banquets.

In the hallway, there were voices. Lady Sun and Devouror were laughing together. They were here! It was time! Janet fixed her hair and straightened the detailed heart cut outs. This was going to be the best imaginary Thanksgiving ever!

"...and that's why, Ella, I can't let you play with my KidKraft Furniture Play Set right now."

Ella nodded, with wide, wide eyes.

"But as soon as we get home from our Thanksgiving, guess what! You can HAVE my KidKraft Furniture Play Set And Doll!"