Kiddy Cruiser Fix Pro

by wootbot


No, you're not seeing things. Out of our desperate attempt to be rich love for giving you options, we've added a little something extra for today. Come on in and check it out!

"Okay, baby," Tim said to his sweet little daughter as she clapped. "Once more around the block in your Kiddy Cruiser Fix Pro Car Seat, then, just so you can hear it again."

And that, although neither of the two had any way of knowing it, would be the day that Ella made her first, real, long-term memory.

Years later, the coolest kid in her high school would pull out his 5th generation iLink and telepathically beam music across the room. Ella would shout out "Oh! I know this one!" and start singing along. The coolest kid would be shocked that someone besides him knew about Everything But The Girl and demand to know how and why. Ella would shrug. "I guess I just have a cool dad!" The two would start dating shortly after, and Ella would always look back on that boy as the second-most important man in her early life.

Of course, in Ella's memory of that song, there would be no recollection of the maximum safety standards and the LATCH system that had been holding her in place. There would be no reason for her to think of the Kiddy Shock Absorber that she never got to test, because Tim was a super-extra-safe driver. Ella wouldn't even remember the high-performance materials or the Breatheable Thermotex Fabric. All that would just be something she took  for granted, something that would have kept her safe if it ever had to, which it didn't, because nothing ever happened.

Which, in Tim's opinion, was exactly what a car seat was supposed to be. And that's why he didn't think twice about that so-important second trip around the block. Because he knew his daughter, in her Kiddy Cruiser Pro Car Seat, was safe.