Kiddy Booster Seats - 2 Models

by wootbot

Little Successes

Some drive the road to success, some ride shotgun, and some need a booster seat so they can sit in the back. That's just how it goes.

Ah, Johnny! Good to see you! I must say, the first day I saw you walk in, I knew from the cut of your diaper that you'd be making partner. And today, you're riding with me, the CEO of Babies International Bank! Shall we take my car? Jeeves! Bring my car around!

Yes, Johnny, it's my belief that those who can, do, and those who can't, don't. And then there's us, the real leaders, who sit in booster seats and look out the window. I figure you and I, we need the Superior Side Impact Protection in the event of any trouble. Jeeves up there? Pffah! I can hire a dozen of him at a second's notice! Eyes front, Jeeves, or I'll dock your pay.

What's that? You can't handle the Integrated Diagonal Belt Guide? Well, we all have our first time eating lobster, if you follow me. Here, it's super easy, and it'll grow with you, thanks to the LATCH system. Before long, we'll have to give you some more room... for your wallet! Haw haw haw! Jeeves, I said eyes front!

Anyway, Johnny, I expect big things from you here at B.I.B. Now, what's your choice for lunch? I know six four-star wet nurses not a block from here, all top-rate. Choose whichever you like.