Kiddy Adventure Pack

by wootbot

Double Dare

You wanna talk about adventure. Try toting around a queasy kid in one of these things.

This Kiddy Adventure pack has pretty much everything you'll need to enjoy a nice walk or hike with your little one: A multi-level height-adjustable back support, an integrated sun and rain shield, side and rear reflectors. Everything, that is, except a projectile slime shield for you.

Only a moron would take a sick kid on a hike, right? Well take it from a guy who learned the hard way. Lactose intolerance can set in suddenly and unexpectedly at the most inopportune moment. And by the time you hear the rumbly in the tumbly above, you're already screwed.

At least the Soft-Tex material seat cover is durable and washable. As is the removable mouth protector. Still, you might want to invest in one of those umbrella hats, or maybe even a swim cap for yourself, because a jostled milk belly is like an overloaded cement mixer. And in the end, there's no stopping gravity.