Kiddy Adventure Pack - 3 Colors

by wootbot

Kidifest Destiny

Bringin' back the covered wagon!

You know the shame about kids these days? They don't get to experience the thrills and spills of traveling the frontier using the reliable transportation of a covered wagon.

Well, if you're like us, and you frequently get the itch to introduce your children to the overwhelming joy of pioneer life, this might suffice as a pretty close simulation.

Strap your child in to a Kiddy Adventure Pack and set off on the trail. Brave the elements using the integrated sun and rain shield as you navigate your way, and for added protection, the durable, washable cover keeps both your kid and your goods dry in various weather conditions.

Part of the journey is keeping your goods safe and secure, and with this pack, you can store all the grains, dried fruit, and flour you need in the large, easy-access lower compartment and handy zipper pocket on the back of the carrier. So convenient, some might say it's like having your own general store on your back.

So, as you see, this Kiddy Adventure Pack is basically the modern day covered wagon, except there are no wheels, and you get to be the mule!