Kettler Kiddi-O Air Tire Swift Trike

by wootbot

Not Recommended for Highway Travel

Thank you for your interest in roadside assistance, but we regret that we cannot offer coverage to 4-year-olds.

Congratulations on your Kettler Kiddi-O Swift Trike. We're sure that it will provide you many hours of happy paddling, and prepare you one day to be a valued Automobile Assistance of America customer.

But at this time, we are unable to provide the 24-hour roadside assistance coverage you requested. Fortunately, we doubt you will have much trouble maintaining the air-filled tires or the other parts of this high-quality tricycle. Should any repairs become necessary, we would suggest that your parent or guardian remain nearby at all times while you're riding the tricycle.

Please contact us again in twelve years, when you are eligible to become a licensed motorist. As to why a four-year-old child would require 24-hour assistance, we're not even going to ask.