Kettler Kiddi-O Air Le Mans Pedal Car

by wootbot


Park your car in the driveway. Stand on the porch. Have your Mom count to three. Then run to your car and start pedaling.

Le Mans. The home of French auto racing. The style. The adventure. The glory. The complete lack of pedal cars. Don't worry, kid, we aren't gonna make you take this baby on a real track. But why waste time with some cheap knock-off wanna-be tricycle when you could be pedaling a RACE CAR?

Oversized anti-slip pedals give a little extra power. All-terrain pneumatic tubeless air tires let you go off-road. Want to make your own Dunlop Curve between the swingset and the fence? Give it a shot! But don't come back crying to us if you're not driver enough to make the cut.

In the world of imaginary racing, there are two kinds of people. Those who sit at home playing Gran Turismos and those who get out there and do it themselves (and then also play the Gran Turismos when they're done like in the evening or something). The first group are just slightly cool. The second group? They're the coolest.

Don't be a rider. Be a racer. Be the owner of a Kettler Air Le Mans Pedal Car.