Kelty Kids Sleeping Bag - 2 Colors

by wootbot

Outdoors For Christmas

This Christmas, please remember: the best gifts are the ones that can be used to prove Bigfoot actually exists.

"Well, the woods are sort of relative," Tim said as he looked out the window. Michelle drank her coffee and rolled her eyes.

"I can't believe you told our daughter she could spend Christmas in a sleeping bag in the backyard, 'just in case' Bigfoot happens to wander past."

"She had to learn sometime, honey! And besides, she's fine. Look."

Michelle looked. Olivia was tucked into her Kelty Kids Big Dipper Bag, under the two-layer off-set quilt design. Every so often, Olivia would move her arms, and pull her "field guide" out of the internal storage pocket and make a note.

"Hour Ten," Tim joked. "Still no Bigfoot."

"Don't make fun of her, Tim! This was your idea!"

"Michelle, c'mon! I used to watch In Search Of when I was a kid! There's nothing wrong with having an interest in the paranormal when you're young!"

"I just don't want her losing her scientific side, Tim!"

"But she's taking notes, right? Honey, she's warm in the Kelty bag, she's safe in the back yard, and the WORST thing that could happen is that she gets really bored and-"

"Hey." Olivia walked past her parents, the Kelty Kids Big Dipper Bag under her arm. Michelle cleared her throat.

"Hi, um, sweetie. How's the search going?"

Olivia shrugged. "I saw him. No big deal, I figured it would take longer. I think I'm gonna go read for a while, okay?"

Michelle nodded quietly. Tim waited until Olivia was gone before he spoke.

"Should we go check the backyard, do you think?"

"She was kidding. She had to be kidding."