Kelty Kids Sleeping Bag - 2 Colors

by wootbot

It Won't Be The Last

You never forget the first time your child breaks your heart.

Michelle looked up from her book to see Tim coming back from the backyard through the sliding glass door. "That was quick," she said. "I guess the boys were pretty tired?"

It was hard to hear through the bear mask he was wearing, but she was pretty sure he said "I don't want to talk about it" as he slunk towards their bedroom.

She found her husband still wearing the bear suit and sitting on the bed. He'd pulled the mask off, and was staring down into its fake black eyes, totally defeated. She took a seat next to him and patted his back. "Everything okay?"

Tim nodded. "Yeah, Jake and Pete are fine. They're both just lying in the tent, wrapped up in their Kelty Kids Sleeping Bag and stuff. Jake's got his head lamp in the bag's chest pocket, and I think Pete shoved candy into his. They're, you know, pretty busy talking about things. Robots, mostly, I guess. Maybe vampires. Or it could've been robot vampires or vampire robots, too." He shrugged. "They sort of stopped talking until after I dropped off the snacks, so..."

Michelle scooted over and wrapped her arm around him. "They weren't interested in the legend of Neighborhood Terror Bear this time, huh?"

"Not particularly."

She kissed his cheek and laid her head on his furry shoulder. "I'm sorry, honey."

"Eh," he said, trying his best not to sound hurt. "It was bound to happen sooner or later." Then, he snickered. "Heh. You said 'honey.' Get it? I'm in a bear costume and you said..."

"Yes, dear, you're very clever."