Kelty Diaper Bag OR Child Carrier

by wootbot

Choose Your Destiny

Life is full of choices. Now you face one today. Will you carry the baby? Or what comes out of the baby?

There was a time in your life when you owed nothing to nobody. When you could go to bed at 4 AM with a belly full of chili dog and wake up at 2 PM with a craving for pizza. But those days ended the moment your baby popped out. And now, everything you do requires a little bit of sacrifice and decision.

So you're facing two doors here today. One door leads down a road where you sling a baby across your chest in a nice carrier. Baby's cozy, your arms are free, everybody's full of joy... until you have to change a diaper, Then you're stuck with a handful of yuck until you can find a trash can and a place to wash your hands. But, hey, maybe that's your road.

Of course, there's another path too. Down that path, you've got a squirmy baby in your arms, kicking your shoulder, laughing and trying to escape... but you've got a classy-lookin' diaper bag for when Nature calls. That means everything's tucked away (including your iPod and some change for the snack machines) and you're on-the-move seconds after the dirty work is complete. Could this be the road you were destined for?

Diaper Bag or Baby Carrier? Such is your choice today! And don't get all cute and say "Why, I'll just buy both!" because nobody's that cool. That's the kind of path that only superheroes would choose.