Kelty Big Dipper Sleeping Bag - 2 Colors

by wootbot

The Plural Of Vinyl Is Vinyl

The perfect sleeping bag for those cozy nights in the woods, the backyard, or the floor of some stranger's house when your Dad doesn't feel like heading back.

"You have to undo the zipper," June helpfully told Olivia. Olivia's first instinct was to glare back daggers at the younger girl, but she managed to swallow the urge.

"Oh, I see," she answered, undoing the zipper and adding an extra foot of sleeping space. "Very helpful. Thank you!"

"You're welcome!" June answered brightly. "Do you want to braid my hair?"

Olivia did not, but wasn't exactly sure how to say that politely. So she didn't. And June went to get a brush.

Olivia stretched out on the Big Dipper Sleeping Bag and closed her eyes, trying to figure out where her life had gone so wrong. Maybe it was the idea that she could learn something from her father. The older boy she liked in school (she couldn't even whisper his name in her mind, in case he might read her thoughts and know) had said something about vinyl, about how he went to buy vinyl with his older brother who was in 11th Grade. Olivia didn't know what that meant and she had to, she had to know, she had to know so the boy (whose name she would not even think about) couldn't surprise her with something she hadn't yet mastered.

And that was why she made the mistake, and asked her father about vinyl.

And now, here she was, about to fall asleep on a Big Dipper Sleeping Bag in a stranger's room because her father was downstairs playing terrible records with a guy who used to be his best friend in college.

"WOOOSHHHH!" June ran into the room and slid across the two-layer off-set quilt construction. "Hey, do you want to make a slide?"

"No, thank you," said Olivia, as politely as she could. At least her sleeping bag would be comfortable.

From downstairs came a few terrible electronic squawks and the laughter of two grown men regressing. June wrinkled up her face.

"My dad plays the worst music. It's all old stuff and from Germany. Do you mind if we close the door and put on some Lady Gaga?"

Olivia smiled, the first real smile of the night. "I think I like you now, June."

June smiled back. "I like you too, Olivia."