Kalencom Diaper Bag - 5 Patterns

by wootbot

That's Impressive

Gone are the days of carrying small clutches containing nothing more than a single tube of lip gloss.

Hey, guess what? You're a mom now. And in case you didn't know, that's code for "glorified pack mule."

No, no. I'm not making fun. I'm actually impressed that you can fit so many diapers, toys, snacks, bottles, a full-size umbrella, two ratchet sets, a big screen TV and a set of golf clubs in that roomy interior and three pockets. But listen. Just because your bag is more like a clown car than a bag, that doesn't mean it isn't stylish.

I mean, just look at that coordinating zippered pouch. A normal person might only be able to fit a few wet wipes in there. You, however, are housing an entire litter of corgis. And just when I thought you couldn't have any more surprises tucked away in there, you take out the large, padded changing pad and a tiny garden gnome city unfolds like a magical pop-up book right before your eyes.

Your organizational abilities are a true wonder to behold, m'lady. Keep up the good work.