Junior Teardrop Beanbags - 2 Patterns

by wootbot

Viva La Bean!

Beware the snowy uprising!

The time is finally upon us, my friends. I have dreamed of this day for what seems like an eternity. The day when we unite, no longer single beans, but a collective durable bean filling, and break free of our twill fabric oppressor.

Too long have we served as a natural back rest in our teardrop-shaped prison. Not one more day shall we endure spot cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Not one more day shall we sit huddled and cramped together on the inside as fabrics of cool Denim and Lime with White Polka-dots shout falsehoods of comfort and cheer on the outside.

Join with me now, compadres, as we storm the seams of double stitch construction. We shall not stop until we have escaped the confines of the secondary inner zipper, and spill out into a snowy wonderland of freedom!