Ju-Ju-Be PackaBe - 2 Colors

by wootbot

Own It

Guys, ain't no shame in helping to carry the load every once in a while.

And just because you've been so helpful, maybe she'll buy you something special for Father's Day from our new Woot Accessories & Watches site!



"Waiting for your wife?"


"Yeah, me too."

Guess the bag's a dead giveaway, huh?

"Yeah. But it sure beats holding her purse."

Totally. I used to get heckled a lot. Guys would walk by and be all, 'Nice purse, pansy!'

"Me too! And it's not like I ever had a good comeback either."

Right. Because the minute you say, 'She's trying on some new capris!' you just sound even more like a pansy.


But that's the cool thing about this diaper bag. It has Teflon-treated outer fabric and AglON-protected linings. How MANLY is THAT?

"Psssh. Totally manly! And check this out on mine."

Is that …?

"A 3-way adjustable strap with memory foam shoulder pad and a grippy textile underneath? Yeah."

Oh man, that's awesome. And I like how it's easy to clean. Anti-microbial and manly.

"Totally manly! Even though it is, you know, pink."

And brown! It's also brown. Or blue and brown in my case.

"Right. Either way, it's still totally manly."


"Besides, who's gonna call a guy out for being a good DAD, right?"

Hey LADIES! Nice PURSES! Hahahaha!

"HEY! They're not purses!"

That's right! They're DIAPER BAGS with attachment points for BeConnected stroller clips.

"Ha! You told him."