Ju Ju Be - Be Hip Diaper Bag -5 Patterns

by wootbot

In the Bag

Never before has there been a product so useful AND delicious.

Michelle was at the store looking for a baby shower gift, noticed a store associate stocking the Ju Ju Be Be Hip Diaper bags and decided to inquire about them.

"Hi, I was just looking at these diaper bags. Could you tell me a little about them?" she said.

"Thhhure! Thethe bagths ah weawwy awethome! They'we made of teflon, tho thtainths don't thtick to them," the store associate said.

"I'm sorry," replied Michelle. "I didn't really understand what you said. They're made of teflon, so what?"

"Thtainths. The thtainths don't thtick."

"Oh. The stains don't stick. Got it. What about the hardware? The zipper's not going to break off or split open if it gets too full, will it?"

"No way! The hardwawe is thupah tough and thupah duwable, and the two fwont pockeths even have clothuwths to keep evewything in."

"Yeah. I didn't catch any of that."

"I'm thowwy. Give me a minute to finithsh chewing. There. Done. Ever since these bags came in, I've had a mad craving for those Jujubes candies. But they totally get stuck in my teeth. Want some?"

"Sure, why not?" said Michelle. The associate shook the box over her hand and she tossed them into her mouth."

"So what I was saying was, you don't have to worry about the hardware breaking because it's super durable, and even the front pockets have their own closures."

Michelle looked over the bag while she chewed, noticed the removable diaper changing pad, the soft pockets for phones or iPods and the adjustable shoulder strap.

Finally she said, "Tho thethse extewiow bottle pockeths … they're made with Thinthulate, huh?"