Ju-Ju-Be Be Fabulous Diaper Bag

by wootbot

Won't Ju-Ju-Be Mine?

Don't underestimate the importance of a stylish diaper bag.

Think of all the bags you've had over the years: your backpacks, your luggage, your purses. Collectively, you've likely had dozens of bags, and when have you ever said, "It doesn't matter what my bag looks like"?

Okay, maybe once or twice when you've been in a hurry or found a really good deal, but more often than not, you want your bag to look nice. Even when you were a kid, you wanted your backpack to be a nice color or have a nice design on it.

So why when using a diaper bag would you settle for anything less? Diapers may not be the most luxurious thing to carry, but you're just gonna grab any old diaper bag and tote it around? Nah! You need a bag that looks classy and is something your friends will say "Nice bag!" about.

Think of it being like a lunchbox. You only used it to carry your lunch around, but if it had the right cartoon characters or drawing on the front, you loved carrying it. Really, this Ju-Ju-Be Be Fabulous Diaper Bag is actually a lot like a lunchbox but for diapers, and please do make that distinction because if you don't, your stomach's going to be very disappointed.