Jewel EcoAquarium Live Frog Habitat

by wootbot

Froggy Went A'Courtin'

Warning: we're actually shipping frogs to people. Be sure to read the details before you buy.

Please remember that this Jewel EcoAquarium Live Frog Habitat is for scientific purposes ONLY. The two included African Dwarf Frogs live their life underwater, so you and your children can observe them and be enriched. Any ideas you may have about cooking and eating them should be COMPLETELY and TOTALLY ignored.

When your frogs arrive, overnighted from the manufacturer to ensure maximum frog enjoyment, you may feel an urge to enjoy them in a mix of herbs and garlic butter. We can tell you firsthand: DO NOT follow through on these urges! Take a good hard look at the one year of frog food and water care equipment. Would we send that if these frogs were mere ingredients?

And what about the living gravel to keep the water clean? We're telling you, if we wanted you delectable morsels into your mouth, we'd be including flour and chives and butter, and perhaps an iron pan for sauteeing purposes. Do you see a pan listed in the features? No? Well, then, keep such dreams in your head, please. These frogs are pets.

Naturally, though, no amount of breading or parsley will ever beat the love of a child. So we think you'll greatly enjoy this live frog habitat, and watching the two included frogs grow.

If you'll excuse us now, chef has finished the ortolan we requested for supper.