Jeep Travel Accessories - Your Choice

by wootbot

The Right Choice

As a first-time parent, sometimes choosing your battles is as important as choosing the right baby accessories.

"I know you probably won't remember this," Ryan whispered to his infant daughter, "but I just want you to know that I was the one who picked out most of your stuff, no matter what your mother tells you." 

These quiet moments holding Bristol while Jessica rested were his favorite. There were no fancy schools to visit, no crazy scheduled play dates with other "gifted" children, no lovely, though slightly abrasive wife to hog the baby. It was just him, his little girl, and the faint sound of Jessica snoring in the distance.

Ryan figured he should take these opportunities to get some facts straight.

"She means well, your mother," he explained, keeping his voice down to a hush. "She's just a little, I don't know, overbearing, I guess. Okay, VERY overbearing, but it's not for lack of love, I assure you. She's made this whole plan for you, you know. Everything from your education and extracurricular to the kinds of friends you'll have, she's got it all figured out." Ryan sighed as he gazed into Bristol's eyes. "For better or for worse, anyway."

"For the record, though, I just want you to be safe and happy. Take your Jeep Shopping Cart Cover or the Jeep Car Seat Starter Kit, for example. Your mom was worried about how that cart cover might look to other parents. I was more worried about the adjustable safety straps, the three point safety harness, and how comfortable the padding might be."

"And when we chose the car seat kit, your mother wondered if Jeep was popular enough a brand to purchase. Me? I was too busy throwing out the Car Seat Under Mat for safety reasons to care. Being able to peek at you in the Baby View Mirror, keep your face out of the sun with the Cling Sun Shade 2-Pack, and have supplies handy with the Organizer more than made the purchase worth it, though, no matter how high the favorable brand recognition."

Bristol's little eyes drooped as she let out a tiny coo. Ryan smiled. "What I mean to say, Bristol, is that you choose whatever you want to do with your life, regardless of your mom's little plan, okay? As long as you're happy, your daddy will back you up."

The snoring down the hall stuttered and stopped suddenly, then started up again louder than before. "Um, within reason, of course," Ryan told Bristol. "And maybe only while your mother is asleep."