InGenuity Swing Or Graco Twin Stroller

by wootbot

The Talk

I wish parents would stop filling their kids' heads with nonsense about eggs and fertilization when this is how it REALLY happens. 

Oh you didn't know? I thought it was common knowledge that when you put a baby in a swing with TruSpeed technology after midnight and feed it while rotating the 180° tri-directional seat, it multiplies.

Yeah. Guess you should have paid better attention in Sex-Ed class instead of cracking jokes, huh? It's gonna be OK though. Don't you worry. Just sit there for a moment and calm down. I'll just play some of these soothing nature sounds while you take a few deep breaths. There. Feel better?

So here's the deal. You have two babies now! YAY! Ain't no big thing. Why? Because now you have one of these Graco Twin Ipo strollers! You're gonna love the side-by-side design and the easy-access storage basket. Just make sure you NEVER maneuver the lockable front swivel wheels into two consecutive figure eight patterns while gripping the padded, ergonomic hand grips, or you'll end up with quadruplets, mkay?