InGenuity Cradle & Sway Swing

by wootbot


You're getting verrrry sleeeepy. But you better snap out of it because the baby's gonna wake up soon.

Do yourself a favor, parents. DON'T look directly into the 3-toy mobile as this swing moves try-directionally, first side-by-side and then front-to-back. Because that's precisely what your baby WANTS you to do.

You think the WhisperQuiet™ Operation and three soothing nature sounds are for him? Wrong. They're for you. As you're being lulled to sleep by one of eight entertaining melodies, he's biding his time, just chillin' in his 2-position Comfort Recline™ seat, waiting for the perfect moment to escape from his 5-point harness.

Impossible, you say? Babies don't have the motor skills or dexterity necessary to operate those latches? WRONG AGAIN! Babies only want you to think they're uncoordinated and helpless. That way you'd never suspect that they're watching reruns of Springer and throwing back six-packs of Busch while you're passed out drooling on yourself in the arm chair.

And while we're on the subject, you really need to work on your beer selection, bro.