Infant Cabana or Cushioned Floor Mat

by wootbot

Fun out of the Sun

At the Baby! Baby Cabana!

"Deborah? Is that you? I'm just in the kitchen making dinner."

"Hi hon! Yeah, just got back from the grocery store."

"Oh great. You get the diapers? Little Jassica here's about to burst."

"I got one better, Steve! It's an infant cabana beach tent!"

"...wait, what?"

"That's right! Check out these great mesh panels! They let a nice breeze in while keeping out all that sand and those pesky insects. Not only that, but there's roll-down shades for privacy. Jassica's gonna love it!"

"Uh, ok, but what about the diapers? That was the one thing you were supposed to get."

"Who needs diapers when the cabana has a hanging loop for toys, four anchoring corner spikes, and an included carrying bag with adjustable should straps? Going to the beach will never be the same!"

"Deborah, we're not going to the beach, we live in Saskatchewan! Are you alright, Deb? You look sick."

"Just sick with excitement, Steve; excitement about Jassica's new cabana! And there's more! With the add-on cabana cushioned floor mat (sold separately), you get comfort and clean-up all in one package! I've heard of FUN in the sun, but fun AND COMFORT? Now that's MY idea of a good time."

"Deborah, get in the car, we're going to the hospital. I'll call Dr. Finch and let him know we're on the way."