Illuminations Block Set 2.0

by wootbot

Too Cool

Every now and then, a toy comes along that's just so awesome, it's too much for a kid to handle. This is one of those times.

It wasn't uncommon for Jake to drift off into his own little world, so Tim wasn't really all that surprised to find him standing in the middle of the living room, eyes wide in … wonder? Disbelief? Both? Neither? You really never could tell with Jake.

"OK, I'll bite," said Tim to Michelle. "What's up with Jake?"

"Oh that? Yeah. His mind is blown," Michelle said casually as she folded a towel and placed it in the laundry basket.

"What was the commercial for this time?" asked Tim. "Alien space bugs with laser goo? Jet-propelled marshmallow slingshots?"

"Light-up building blocks," Michelle replied as she reached for another towel and folded it.

"So do they all have tiny batteries in them or something?" Tim asked.

"Nah," said Michelle. "They're transparent, you see. And you build them on top of this illuma board surface that has a three-button switch that illuminates different sections of the table which, in turn, illuminates the blocks."

"Huh. Well that sounds pretty cool. But Jake already has a bunch of Legos so …" Tim trailed off.

"Yeah, but that's one of the coolest parts," said Michelle. "These blocks are compatible with most other popular building brick systems. So he could use them together."

"Cool," said Tim.

"Yeah, pretty cool," said Michelle.

Jake just continued to stare off into space until it was time for bed.