iFly-X 3.5CH APP Controlled Helicopter

by wootbot


Not just fun -- also extraordinarily useful.

Ugghhhhh, Davis still hasn't gotten back to me.

"About what?"

None of your business! The point is, I've been waiting to hear from him for days, and still, no response.

"What'd you do? Email him?"

No! I sent him a handwritten note, straight from the heart.

"Ohhh, okay."

Yep, a handwritten note delivered via carrier pigeon. I can't believe I haven't gotten a response.

"That's the problem! You can't rely on a pigeon to do your messaging! Tell me, what makes you think a pigeon is going to deliver a note to the exact address you want it to deliver it to, rather than go find something to eat, take a nap in its bird nest, or do whatever else it is that pigeons do."

I dunno. I just thought, given that it's A CARRIER PIGEON, it would CARRY.

"I don't want to tell you how to do your message delivering, but if you want to carry a message more reliably, use this iFly 3.5 ch. App-Controlled Helicopter. That way, you tell it where to go, and you can even control it from your phone simply by downloading an app."

Meaning I wouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on pigeon feed anymore?

"Uh, yeah. You could stop buying pigeon feed."

Really? That's quite the carrier pigeon!

"It's a helicopter!"

Yeah, whatever.