I-Insect Robotic Bugs - 4 Pack

by Wootbot

Oh, this seems like a great idea.

Ah, perfect. My two most horrific fears combined: insects and self-aware machinery.

You know, sometimes people spend so much time worrying about whether they can do something, they forget to ask if they should do it. I’m not one to usually stand in the way of progress or human ingenuity, but these I-Insect Robotic Bugs? Are you kidding me?

They’re robots. Robots that behave like bugs. They run around in random patterns, probably trying to find a warm, dark place in your house to lay eggs or something. And that’s appealing to…kids? I guess?

Sure, a nano-bot is a cool thing. They’re neat! And the fact that they move despite having no moving parts is pretty cool, too. You can corner them and they’ll find a way out, flip them over and they’ll flip right back, but more importantly can I flip out and spray them with a half a can of RAID when I find one in the kitchen cabinets?

No. I can’t. Because they don’t make RAID that works on robots. Yet.


Warranty: 90 Day Woot

Condition: New

Recommended Ages: 3 Years and Up


  • I-Insect Bugs are micro nano-bots that moves around completely randomly and autonomously acting like real bugs
  • No moving parts, they just vibrates their way across the floor which is sure to give kids a giggle and a jump as they hold them
  • Scoot across the ground on their many insect legs and when they run into anything they’ll find another way to go
  • Flips over and moves on their backs too!
  • Easy-to-use switch located under the belly

Additional Photos:


  • Dimensions: 1.75”L x 0.625”W x 0.75”H
  • Each I-Insect Bug comes with (1) LR44 Button Cell Battery already installed

In the box:

  • (4) I-Insect Robotic Bugs (randomly chosen colors)