Hounds Ultralite Outdoor Shoes by DAWGS

by wootbot

Ain't Nothing But Hounds By DAWGS

If dogs could wear shoes, they might wear these. But probably not.

Just to clarify, these Hounds Ultralite Outdoor Shoes by DAWGS are actually for humans, not dogs. That's why DAWGS is spelled with an "AW" instead of an "O" (actually, we're not sure if that's the reason, but it seems likely enough). Anyway, we just wanted to clear that up in case there's any possible confusion.

Now, if dogs did wear shoes, which they really don't need to because their bodies are made to not need shoes, then they might enjoy wearing these because of the supportive molder arch and high-stabilizing heel cup, but also they might not care so much about that because dogs have feet that are shaped differently from ours.

Designed for kids, these shoes are comfortable, easy to take care of, and odor resistant, so your kids can wear them outdoors or in the house, but not the doghouse, because your kids aren't dogs, and if your kids are dogs, they still won't likely be wearing these shoes into their doghouse because it's very unlikely that, as a dog, they will want to wear shoes.

But for humans, they're great!