HEXBUG Hive Glow-in-the-Dark Set

by wootbot

End of Days

Radioactive bugs. This is how it all ends.

Jake wasn't worried about the end of the world. Why? Because Jake knew how it was all going to end. And he knew there was nothing that could be done, so why get so worked up?

All those crazies with their Zombie Apocalypse or giant asteroid theories. They were all bogus.

Jake just shook his head and smiled as he opened the single fold-down case of his HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set. He wasted no time getting to work on his customized design and layout. After all, who knew how much time we'd all have left?

According to the Mayans, he still had a full week. But who could say how accurate their prediction was. It could be any day now, or any minute, really.

Jake sat back and considered his creation. He carefully placed the one included Nano specimen on the built-in ramp and watched it for a few seconds. Then he stood up and headed for the light switch.

"The fools," he thought. "They have no idea. But I know. OH YES, I know the truth."

He flipped the switch on the wall and the Hive glowed an eery, fluorescent green in the dark.

He considered for a moment whether he had time to contact the proper authorities in order to warn all of mankind. But who would listen to a kid?

Still, he had to try. If he could get through to just one person, he could potentially save the entire …

"Jake! Dinner's ready," his mother called from downstairs.

"Yay! Fish sticks!"