HEXBUG Hive Glow-in-the-Dark Set

by wootbot

Human Nature

Turn out the lights. Shut the door. Turn on the robot. There's your evening.

Jake dropped the little Hexbug into the track and watched it charge. A shaking, wiggling, glowing laser it was; a tiny shooting star that seemed to be alive even as it faced off against the invisible dragon on the other side of the track. Somewhere, far away, someone was saying the words "dishes" forcefully. Jake paid it no mind.

The Hexbug tapped the wall but did not stop. It charged like an angry beast, like a master of the night, and Jake could see the light twist and turn. This was a robot - a robot! -and it ran because he willed it to be so. And whatever these "dishes" were, Jake had no time for them, not even as Olivia's voice joined his mother's.

The bug and the dragon met again in the large arena. At least, Jake called it an arena. They faced each other locked in primal combat, hissing, snapping. Jake imagined the jaws full of fangs, the metal eyes staring each other down, two survivors who wanted nothing but the final confrontation that would end their glowing enemy once and for all-

"Jake!" said Tim loudly at the door. "Your mother said to do the- oh, wow, is that a ROBOT?"

Jake nodded and slid over. Somewhere, down the stairs, Tim could hear his name and a word that sounded like "Really?" but it meant nothing to him now. Robots were fighting. In the dark.