Happy Trails Rocking Animals - 5 Choices

by wootbot

Head To Head

Before Mario Cart. Before Gran Turismo. Before Pole Position. Before Turbo. There was… the simple rocking animal.

Let's see here, "Happy Trails Rocking Animals" it says. Must be some new kind of video game. Wonder if I can get the high score on my very first try?

Okay so… looks like there are five different characters. Hmm. I guess I'll be… Henry Horse? Connie Cow? Patricia Pony? I guess I'll be the Mammoth. I wonder if he has any special powers, like a shrink-ray or a golden star.

Now, let's get these controls figured out. So… that's the wooden rockers and… there's the soft, plush fabric and… I guess there's no jump button or anything… maybe I just need to control the driver.

Hey, Lucy? Sweetheart? Can you come in and help Mommy for a minute, please?

Just sit there, honey, and do what Mommy says. Okay, ready? Okay, this is missing something, hang on, please, thank you.

Julian? Julian, Mommy needs your help, please! Come in here, thank you!

Okay, so NOW! Lucy, you be my sprite, and Julian, you can be the computer! Okay, are we ready? Three, two, one, GO! Lucy, rock back and forth, as fast as you can! Julian, you better not go much faster than that! Oh no, Lucy, Julian's winning, go faster! Go faster! Oh, no, I think my daughter's broken! Lucy, quick, get off the Happy Trails Rocking Animal and get back on again! Blow on the seat to clear out the dust! Now go, go, go! Julian's almost at the finish line! Aw, NO, Lucy! Well, never mind, we're playing a Cup race, so we've got a few more chances to even it up.