Halo SleepSack - 7 Choices

by wootbot

Halo There

Don't you want to make sure your kid has that warm feeling that only comes from being well-protected?

Sleep well, little Gavin. For I, your guardian angel, shall guard you and your HALO SleepSack in the night.

Yes, I know that somewhere, your rascal of a sister is planning mischief against you. But you see, in another life, I was such a sister, Yes, Gavin. And when I became a guardian angel, and they asked me what I wanted to do, I said "Oh! Give me an innocent babe, that I might protect him from a sister such as I was!" And they said "Wow, even for an angel, you're pretty dramatic." And they sent me here.

Shh, Gavin, shhh. Do not be disturbed in your blissful sleep. After all, I made that HALO SleepSack fall from the top shelf into your mother's cart, knowing it would allow you to be warm as you slept, yet well ventilated with less risk of overheating. I knew the sack-style design would give you room for kicking- you do so love that kicking, Gavin! -while also making it impossible to kick off in the night. Not even your dear mother is as warm as you are, my tiny charge. And I mean to keep you that way.

For example, the other day, your sister tried to write I AM A TERRIBLE BABY on your chest in cold tomato sauce. It was I that caused the lid of the jar to be stuck! See! Such simple mischief, and yet, impossible to thwart. Like I said, kid, I was once a big sister too. I'm an angel that knows all the angles.

Rest now, dearest Gavin. And know that I shall devote my halo to keeping you safe from your sister, until she's old enough to accept that you're a pretty cool little kid.